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44 & 55 Compact Series

Tuttnauer’s small line of autoclaves are used in facilities worldwide, incorporating the latest techniques to effectively sterilize heat and moisture-stable materials in a timely and efficient manner. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, these models are both reliable and easy to use. Multiple cycle options (vacuum, gravity, liquid) come standard, with a full temperature range.   66 Mid Range Series Tuttnauer’s medium sized autoclaves are manufactured with a larger chamber size, maximizing the operator’s productivity by sterilizing a greater amount of heat and moisture-stable items. Manufactured with the same sleek design and user-friendly controls as the smaller units, the medium sized models provide the reliability and efficiency you come to expect from Tuttnauer. Multiple cycle options (vacuum,gravity, liquid) come standard, with a full temperature range.

69 Large Capacity Series

The ever-growing demand for scientific equipment with higher capacity and better performance has led to the development of the Tuttnauer large line of rectangular sterilizers. This model line was designed specifically to handle a larger load capacity while  covering a wide field of applications. Multiple cycle options (vacuum, gravity, liquid) come standard, with a full temperature range. The 69 Large Capacity Series can be configured with a Drop Wheel Loading Cart, eliminating the need for a Transfer Carriage.

Bulk Sterilizers

Tuttnauer’s bulk line of autoclaves are designed to handle the most critical sterilization processes, utilizing a liquid ring mechanical vacuum pump for pre/post vacuum capabilities. Offered in a wide range of custom sizes and door configurations, these models can be tailored to meet the demands of any facility. The bulk line is manufactured with unparalleled quality and dependability, primarily used in the Bio-Technology, University and General Laboratory markets, as well as Animal Care Facilities. Multiple cycle options (vacuum, gravity, liquid) come standard, with a full temperature range.

Model 5075HSG

The 5075HSG is a fully featured 160 liter stand-alone pre & post vacuum autoclave. Many years of expertise with industrial sterilization technology have been packaged into the 5075 autoclave models to make them ideal laboratory grade autoclaves. The 5075HSG is a mobile free-standing unit. They are as simple and easy to use as any Tuttnauer tabletop autoclave. The 5075HSG offers all the features and reliability of a large capacity, laboratory grade autoclave at a fraction of the size and cost.
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For nearly a century Tuttnauer has been a top worldwide supplier of quality steam sterilizers. Our autoclaves provide safe, economical and effective sterilization. Manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel utilizing reliable, non-proprietary components minimizes maintenance cost and down time. Tuttnauer has the unique ability to manufacture custom size sterilizers to meet the individual needs of our customers. A wide range of upgrades are available, including flexible door designs, advanced cycle options and clean steam piping. Carbon and stainless steel steam generators are available as well as integrated air compressors for facilities lacking house steam or air supplies.  All models can be configured in single or double door pass-thru with sliding or hinged door options.  The chamber is made from high grade 316L stainless steel. Multiple cycle options are standard (vacuum, gravity, liquid).
Steam Sterilizers for Laboratory, Scientific & Healthcare Applications
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All Tuttnauer loading equipment is manufactured from high quality stainless steel.  We offer two options: Rack & Shelves: Stainless steel trays equipped with rails for easy loading and unloading. The rails are designed to prevent the trays from rolling over. Loading Cart & Transfer Carriage: The adjustable loading cart rolls from the transfer carriage onto the interior chamber tracks for easy handling of heavy loads. The trolley is equipped with revolving wheels, maximizing mobility in limited space. The wheel breaks prevent the trolleys from rolling and the carriage is equipped with a lock that prevents it from sliding.

Documentation and Control

Our BacSoft 7” Multi-color touch screen offers a sophisticated yet intuitive and user friendly control system. Stores the last 100 cycles in memory. Multiple access levels and user passwords for security .  Full component diagnostics capable.  RS232 , USB and Ethernet connectivity. Internal battery back-up. Allen-Bradley controls are available as an option.
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